The restaurant is a project of the love and passion from my Hellenic roots. It is a project that I can claim proudly to be 100% Greek idea, design, decoration and materials. With this in mind I have created a space made in Greece.

— Jim Kospetas, Founder.

Selection of dips & bread
Eggplant feta croquettes

BBQ lamb shoulder
Yia Yia’s chips

Caramel baklava ice cream

Minimum of 2 guests
Whole table participation
Available Monday to Friday
Selection of dips & bread
Greek san choy bow
Ouzo cured salmon
Pork belly baklava

BBQ lamb shoulder
Yia Yia’s chips
Zucchini Salad

Caramel baklava ice crea

Minimum of 4 guests
Whole table participation
Selection of dips & bread
Village salad
Kasseri bourekia
Octopus carpaccio
Pumpkin filo pie
Prawn saganaki

BBQ lamb shoulder
BBQ chicken
Yia Yia’s chip

Passionfruit bougatsa
Caramel baklava ice crea

Minimum of 4 guests
Whole table participation
With a choice of sourdough baguette or pita bread
Swordfish roe dip
Smoked eggplant dip
Yoghurt, garlic, carrot & cucumber dip
A selection of each
*Also available at Odessa
Leek, orange peel, green chilli, whipped chilli feta, toasted bread
*Also available at Odessa
Wasabi, mayo, rice vinegar & ginger
Octopus Kilpatrick7ea
Worstershire, onion & smoked octopus relish
Ouzo Lemon Granita with Scampi Roe8ea
*Also available at Odessa
Smashed roasted tomato filled with herb & vegetable rice served in iceberg cups, yoghurt lemon dressing
Village Salad19
Tomato, cucumber, Spanish onion, red capsicum, radish, feta, olives, oregano, extra virgin olive oil
Greekslaw 16
Cabbage, carrot, currants, apple, toasted almonds, spiced corn, graviera, mixed herbs, buttermilk aioli
Wilted seasonal wild greens served with a lemon, apple cider vinegar, roasted garlic & olive oil dressing
Zucchini Salad15
Zucchini ribbons, sliced fennel, smoked eggplant, coriander, yuzu, olive oil & toasted sesame seed dressing
Yia Yia’s Chips15
Crumbled feta, mountain oregano, fried egg
Ouzo Cured Salmon27
Skordalia, paximadia crumb, toasted almonds, mulberry & pomegranate dressing
Octopus Carpaccio29
South Australian octopus pressed & sliced thinly, served with a salsa of shallots, capers, pickled cucumber, lime & lemon segments, candied olives & extra virgin olive oil
*Also available in Odessa
Beef Tartare26
Crispy kataifi, smoked eggplant, fresh herbs & lemon emulsion, quail egg
*Also available in Odessa
Kasseri Bourekia 26
Fried puff pastry pockets filled with kasseri cheese & sweet & sour peach sauce
*Also available in Odessa
Eggplant Feta Croquettes23
Eggplant, feta, basil, roasted corn crust coating with tzatziki
*Also available in Odessa
Pumpkin Filo Pie 28
Butternut pumpkin, zucchini, rice whipped manouri & toasted pecan nuts
Prawn Saganaki30
Honey, cinnamon tomato sauce, crumbled feta, pickled cucumber salsa
Pork Belly Bakalva28
Date & pistachio, crispy filo pastry, date & mastic sauce
Mushroom Truffle Moussaka36
Potato gratin, eggplant, mixed mushrooms & truffle, béchamel sauce with apple mint fennel sauce
Pan Roasted Whole Butterflied - FODMP
Mixed herb & lemon olive oil dressing
Slow roasted then grilled, wilted silverbeet, leek, herbed yoghurt
BBQ Chicken40
Artichoke purée, Jerusalem artichoke chips, chicken jus
Charcoal 1821 Minute Steak 48
Thinly sliced T-bone on the bone with dry paprika spice rub, roasted red pepper, orange purée, grilled red pepper
Bugs, prawns, lobster, mussels, clams, scallops, Greek bouillabaisse, saffron aioli, croutons
Melamakarona Biscuit7ea
Passionfruit Bougatsa17
Passionfruit semolina custard filling, filo pastry served with coconut ice cream, tapioca pearls in mango syrup
Caramel Baklava Ice Cream17
Layered with vanilla bean ice cream, caramel fudge, baklava nuts
*Also available in Odessa
Avgolemono Ice Cream Slice17
Lemon curd ice cream, almond wafers, freeze dried raspberry, honeycomb, smashed meringues, berry coulis
Pear Sorbet 17
Served with medley of summer melon in chamomile syrup
All things chocolate - dark chocolate ice cream, olive oil, chocolate ganache, chocolate clay, sour cherries in syrup.
greek cheese plate30
Smoked Metsovone cheese, barrel aged feta, manouri cheese, Cretan graviera, assorted fruit, spoon sweets, sesame crisps

‘The restaurant is a project of the love and passion from my Hellenic roots. It is a project that I can claim proudly to be 100% Greek idea, design, decoration and materials. With this in mind I have created a space made in Greece. Welcome to 1821’.

Jim Kospetas, Founder of 1821, Martin Place

‘Throughout history, Hellenes have shared their table with family and friends as a show of hospitality and generosity. I have designed this menu with inspiration from my experiences and philosophy taught through Greek ages. The Odyssey may have begun in Greece, but it has now found its home, here in 1821’.

David Tsirekas, Executive Chef

Below 1821 you will find our bunker bar Odessa. The space is perfect for everything from after work drinks and birthdays to cocktail parties and private dining.

Guests enter the venue through a nondescript black door from an alley behind the venue. The bar is at the bottom of a narrow, dimly lit staircase. Once inside, Bar Odessa promises luxury fit with a delectable food menu and extensive drinks menu.

Opening hours:
Friday: 5pm-late
Saturday: 7pm-late

We can help you curate an array of events and celebrations at 1821. From providing seating for up to 100 guests, we can operate two fully serviced bars, kitchen and seating. Anything is possible with our exceptional team that are here to bring your special event to life. Download our function package for more information.

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